Portable mini handheld vacuum cleaner

  • Powerful suction can more quickly suck out the garbage hidden in the keyboard.
  • Our computer vacuum cleaner is able to suck small things like Cigarette ash, Dust, Hair, Food-crumbs, Eraser Residue, Small particle, but not water, please make sure small things is not bigger than the suction nozzle

Feature: Powerful suction can suck out the trash hidden in the keyboard faster. Our computer vacuum cleaner can absorb small soot, dust, hair, food debris, rubber slag, small particles, but does not absorb water, please make sure that the small things are not larger than the nozzle This portable handheld USB vacuum cleaner is small enough for computers, desktops and PCs. Our keyboard cleaners plug directly into the USB port without the need for an external power source. Simply open the vacuum cleaner, remove the sponge mesh, and then rinse with clean water. Wipe the sponge mesh and use it.

Note: Please understand that colors may have color differences as different locations of the image.

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