Eco Recycle Bag

Non Woven Bag, Canvas Bag, Drawstring Bag, Jute Bag, Cooler Bag


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Product Description


Size: Depend on Type / Customised

Types: Non-woven Bag, Jute Bag, Canvas Bag, Drawstring Backpack, Cooler Bag

Style: Bottom and Side, No Bottom No Side, Bottom with No Side

Colour: Available in Various Colour

Printing: Single, Double and Full Colour.

Craft: Sublimation Print, Thermal Transfer, Silkscreen Printing

Stitching Method: Ultrasonic Heat Sealing (Lineless), Machine Sewing.

  1. Environment-Friendly:
  • These are 100% green and Eco-friendly. These are Biodegradable. These do not release toxic gas or chemical while being disposed of. On the other hand, plastic bags are non-biodegradable and are harmful to the environment. So non-woven bags are said to be Eco-friendly bags.
  1. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle:
  • Non-woven bags are 100% recyclable. You can recycle non-woven bags and help to keep our nature clean and green. Non-woven bags can be reused. You can wash them and use again.
  1. Durable:
  • When contrasted with the conventional shopping bags, the non-woven bags are dependable and can last up to 5 years. Basically, these bags can be utilized and reused a few hundred times and can convey more loads when contrasted with the customary shopping bags. These bags are water-resistant, attractive and recyclable.
  1. Advertising Tool:
  • On the non-woven bag, printing can be done. So there are a lot of non-woven bag manufacturers who can print a logo as well as the brand name of the company and creates attractive bags and it also attracts the customer. So non-woven bag can prove to be a great advertising tool for companies.
  1. Liquid Repellent:
  • Non-woven bags are waterproof bags. So you can carry these bags in rainy season also whereas plastic bags are not waterproof.
  Order Process: 1. Sizes: width * height * bottom. 2. Amount: Single-color printing (unlimit), Double-color printing (more than 1000), Color printing (over 3000). 3. Thickness: Normal thickness (80gm), Contact us to adjust. 4. Printing colors: Single-color printing, Double-color printing, Color printing. 5. Bag style: Bottom and Side, Bottom and No Side, 6. Stitching Method: Ultrasonic Heat Sealing (lineless), Machine Sewing. *For other special crafts or requirements, please contact us for price

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